Hard landscaping surfaces look great when they're first laid, but pollution and weather can leave block paving, flagstones, decking, roofs and conservatories etc looking worse for wear!

The driveway and sidewalks leading home over time start to look a little unsightly - covered with a layer of dirt and overgrown with moss, so their original colour is no longer visible. In such a situation, the best choice will be pressure washing of driveways with our company Kangaroo-Cleaning, Bushey, North London. We specialize in high-pressure cleaning in North London in Radlett, Whetstone and in the surrounding areas. We have modern pressure devices designed for fast and efficient cleaning of surfaces and washers equipped with rotary brushes - thanks to them we can remove even very tough dirt that has accumulated for years on driveways and sidewalks. With our equipment these surfaces will look like new. If you want to take advantage of our offer, call us to arrange for services at a time most convenient for you.

Window Cleaning & more  - driveways pressure washing in Bushey, Radlett, Whetstone in North London and in St Albans - you are welcome to check out our services!

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- Windows Cleaning
- Gutter Cleaning
- Fascia,Soffit
- Upvc Cleaning
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About us

We deliver excellent results that restore the
lustre to your home. We mainly use the latest Reach &
Wash technology. Reach & Wash allows us to clean windows up to
45ft without the use of a ladder; this ensures the safety of our
workers and a quality clean at the same time.